lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

La competencia no funciona, porque si lo hiciera, esto no pasaría

Innovate or Legislate By Reihan Salam & Patrick Ruffini
Joe Karaganis, a leading expert on media piracy based at American Assembly, observes that while the transition from CDs to MP3s has dramatically reduced distribution costs for the major record labels, they’ve until recently resisted returning more of the wholesale price to artists — who make the same 15 to 20 percent on wholesale that they did before the collapse of distribution costs — or cutting retail prices for consumers. A number of indie labels and digital-streaming services, in contrast, return 50 to 90 percent of the wholesale price to artists. It is hardly surprising that consumers and artists have been flocking to streaming-music services such as Spotify, which has just reached 3 million members — they offer a much better deal to artist and consumer alike by eliminating the middleman, which is exactly what the Internet does best.
Y aquellos que se ponen de acuerdo con los titulares de los derechos para distribuirlos manteniendo muy elevado el precio contribuyen al mantenimiento del monopolio a cambio de una parte de las rentas monopolísticas

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