jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

¿Cómo cuidar a los críos interesados en Ciencias-Tecnología-Ingeniería-Matemáticas?

De los resultados PISA, lo peor de nuestros estudiantes tiene que ver con las matemáticas. En EE.UU. se ha publicado un informe sobre qué hacer al respecto. Se rechaza la idea de obligar a todos los estudiantes a pasar cursos de STEM y se propone lo siguiente
Among the ideas in the report is placing a greater emphasis on making sure students can demonstrate skills rather than merely memorize content.  In addition, it would make sense to allow Sciences-Technology-Engineering-Maths-oriented students to spend more time in those courses and less time on other subjects.  Also, we need to make sure the resources are there beginning freshmen year so we don’t lose the kids who were STEM-inclined but instead nurture them with greater opportunities right away.
In addition, the report urges policy makers to get serious about creating entirely new institutions – STEM specialty schools – and develop the infrastructure to identify and recruit the most promising students to pursue their passions in exceptional world-class educational environments.

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