martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

La eficiencia de nuestro mercado laboral

Este cuadro lo he sacado de aquí . Lo ha elaborado uno de JPM y lo pone Kedrosky en su blog. Portugal no aparece pero hay una cierta relación entre países con problemas de liquidez y eficiencia del mercado laboral. Lo que es un mercado laboral eficiente lo explica el WEFCR – fuente de los datos del cuadro – como sigue
The efficiency and flexibility of the labor market are critical for ensuring that workers are allocated to their most efficient use in the economy and provided with incentives to give their best effort in their jobs. Labor markets must therefore have the flexibility to shift workers from one economic activity to another rapidly and at low cost, and to allow for wage fluctuations without much social disruption. The importance of the latter has been dramatically highlighted by the difficulties countries with particularly rigid labor markets—such as Spain—have encountered in recovering from the recent major economic downturn. Efficient labor markets must also ensure a clear relationship between worker incentives and their efforts, as well as equity in the business environment between women and men.

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