viernes, 22 de enero de 2010


Sobre las respuestas sociales a la crisis:
“The only thing worse than to be exploited by a capitalist is to be exploited by no one at all”
Joan Robinson

Sobre los excesos de las finanzas:
“Many of the evils of capitalism –the tyranny of capital over labor, the excessive concentration of industry, the unequal distribution of income in favour of the owners of capital, the relative lack of opportunity for the poor can be attributed in some if not substantial measure, to the underdevelopment of finance
Raghuram Rajan & Luigi Zingales

Sobre la racionalidad de los comportamientos decentes:
“La honestidad es un deber, pero si no lo fuera, sería un cálculo”.
Emilia Pardo Bazán

Sobre la contabilidad
To know the past, one must first know the future
Raymond Smullyan

Sobre por qué a Santa Teresa no le dejaban abrir conventos:
If medieval communities felt responsible for feeding the poor older women in the village, then they may have had particular impulse to increase accusations of witchcraft during difficult times
E. Oster .

Sobre por qué no podemos confiar en los políticos (ni siquiera en los bienintencionados):
"the case for laissez-faire is based more on the fallibility of the State than on the perfection of markets… Human beings constantly err, but the welfare losses created by private errors are surely second-order relative to the welfare losses created by governments. Individuals may procrastinate and foolishly invest, but they do not voluntarily enroll in concentration camps
E. L. Glaeser

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