miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Empresas familiares

En las empresas familiares, encontrar gestores de entre los miembros de la familia puede ser difícil sobre todo si estás en la India
In every firm in our sample all senior managerial positions are held by members of the owning family. The number of adult males available to fill senior positions thus becomes a binding constraint on growth. For example, the owner of one of these best managed firms in the sample told us the reason he could not expand was “no sons, no brothers”. Hence, well managed firms do not always grow large and drive unproductive firms out of the market if they lack male family members. Meanwhile, entry is limited by a lack of finance, while imports are restricted by heavy tariffs
Many of India’s best managed firms cannot grow because of an inability to decentralise decision making to non-family members. This is because the courts are so overwhelmed that prosecutions against fraud are extremely hard, making owners wary of letting outside managers have much control over the firm. As a result owners do not give key management roles to non-family members, thereby missing out on job creation.

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