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España no es diferente, los institutos públicos son mejores que los colegios privados

The efficiency of public and publicly-subsidized high schools in Spain. evidence from pisa-2006 / María Jesús Mancebón, Jorge Calero, Álvaro Choi & Domingo P. Ximénez-de-Embún; (2010), nº 539 FUNCAS. Fecha de publicación: julio de 2010

“Once differences in students’ background, school resources and individual management inefficiencies are removed, the results reveal that Spanish public high schools are more efficient than their publicly-subsidized private equivalents.
Pero son otras las principales razones de la diferencia de rendimiento
The principal results obtained in this regard indicate the special importance of household socio-economic and cultural characteristics in explaining student performance in science competencies. Other variables of great influence upon educational results at the individual level are gender, grade repetition and household educational resources (such as books and computers) and their use by students. Nearly 85% of the variance in scores can be attributed to differences in student characteristics within schools.

At the school level, peer effects (the educational level of mothers, proportion of girls at school and proportion of immigrant students) are the most important variables concerning the achievement of good results in science competencies. The only significant variables among the school resources factors included in our analysis were class size and the instructional computers/school size ratio.
Y no se incluye el coste – mayor – de la enseñanza pública.

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