sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

La diferencia entre los jóvenes españoles e italianos según The Economist

In both countries young people are victims of a labour system that produces cosseted insiders, who enjoy permanent employment, and bereft outsiders who, if they work at all, qualify only for an infinite series of short-term contracts. In Spain, at least some of the demonstrators seem to have understood that this system is sustained partly by the left and the trade unions; not so in Italy, where liberal economic ideas go almost unvoiced outside business schools. Until they are heard more widely, young Italians will continue to divide between those (mostly graduates) who flee to countries like Britain and America, and those who stay on in the hope of becoming pampered insiders themselves.
United in apathy. Why young Italians stay at home
Si los jóvenes españoles brillantes empiezan a hacer lo que los italianos brillantes (emigrar), nos esperan décadas de estancamiento. Pero en Italia, las pequeñas empresas están sometidas a un régimen laboral mucho más liviano que las grandes. En España, ni eso.

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