lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Por qué los accionistas no controlan a los gestores (en EE.UU)

John Bogle gives two tentative suggestions that I haven’t heard before in today’s Times:

Our nation’s money managers now hold 70 percent of all shares of American corporations, compared to a mere 8 percent in the 1950s, giving them absolute voting control. …

… the participation of our institutional money managers in corporate governance has been limited, reluctant and unenthusiastic. Perhaps they feared angering clients whose pension and thrift funds they manage — that is, the very corporations whose shares fill their investment portfolios. It is an obvious conflict of interest, however often denied.

To make matters worse, most of our large institutional money managers are themselves owned by giant United States and global financial conglomerates. The shares of those conglomerates, in turn, are held in their own portfolios.


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