lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

The new capitalist manifesto

“Prosperity on an ark (un arca, como la de Noé) differs radically from prosperity in a game reserve (una reserva de caza). In our metaphor of yesterday’s capitalism as a game reserve, economic institutions were built to organize daily hunting most efficiently (no había externalidades). They matched the swiftest, most powerful hunters to the biggest game to generate prosperity. But if the rules of hunting are to manage an ark, the result will repeated crisis and eventual collapse. In a big, empty, stable world, hunters can borrow benefits and shift costs with abandon, accumulating deep debt. Throw your bones away here. It doesn’t matter… But in a tiny crowded fragile ark, everything counts. There’s no one left to borrow benefits from or shift costs to: the destines are all inextricably interdependent… Here then is the predicament the global economy is in today. We’re using rules built for hunting to manage an ark…”

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