domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Grandes despachos

Al hilo del artículo de The Economist, Larry Ribstein recuerda lo que dijo al respecto:
The basic question confronting the large law firm is the extent to which these firms produce substantial profits at the firm level, or instead are just aggregations of lawyers or of relatively small networks of lawyers. The theory of the Big Law “firm” is based on the idea that the firm generates reputational capital. However, the conditions for maintaining this capital, particularly including seniority-based compensation and a rigid up-or-out promotion tournament, exist only in a relatively few top-line firms, such as Cravath. Many more have adopted the Big Law form without the internal structure necessary to maintain it.
Y concluye que la gran transformación será la que convierta a la abogacía en la “industria de la información jurídica”

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