viernes, 4 de junio de 2010


"innovators would spend a greater portion of their early life-cycle in education – as opposed to actively innovating – so that innovation becomes less likely at young ages (porque tienen que pasar más tiempo formándose para adquirir el creciente volumen de conocimientos en cada ámbito científico). The second dimension, the narrowing of expertise, is essentially a ‘death of the Renaissance man’ effect. It will tend to reduce the technology-wide capacities of individual innovators, who become less able to draw on knowledge in other fields in their creative process and less capable of implementing ideas by themselves. The narrowing of expertise thus suggests... innovators increasingly working in teams.

"if when housing prices were rising so rapidly, more speculators had been shorting the housing market, or shorted mortgage-backed securities whose value depended on what happened in the housing market, their actions would have reduced the sharp increase in housing prices, and reduced the subsequent steep fall in these prices. Therefore, it was the absence of sufficient short speculators when commodity and asset prices were rising sharply that helped widen the run up and eventual collapse in these prices"

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