miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Frases para pensar

What economic analysis has shown is that the concern should focus on the coordinated effects of the merger-specific change in the structure and dynamics of a market rather than solving the more prosaic dilemma of whether a merger is the triggering point for coordination (or collective dominance) which did not exist pre-merger, or whether it strengthens already existing collective dominance. The economic reality is more colourful: between black (coordination) and white (competition) there is something that could be called a sliding scale of coordination. When a market exhibits a certain degree of coordination, no matter whether this could already be described as collective dominance or not, the critical part of a merger analysis is to determine whether a merger creates a situation in which the coordination moves up the scale, to a higher degree.
My question: how do you know that the “higher degree” reached in the coordination scale is high enough to justify the prohibition of the concentration or a fine for tacit collusion?

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