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Barbara Wootton was a famous British sociologist, made Life Peer in 1958. Besides debating Hayek, she wrote a book Lament for Economics (1938), a heterodox critique. She provided an example proving that model does not imply theory:
The nursery poet, for example, who wrote:
If all the world were apple-pie
And all the sea were ink,
And all the trees were bread and cheese
What should we do for drink?
certainly poses a problem to which it is not easy to give a ready and satisfactory answer. Yet no University Chairs have been founded for the study of this particular group of problems, although these wouldunquestionably become of the gravest importance, should the conditions postulated in the first three lines of the poem be realized.
And the simple reason is, first, that nobody has the slightest grounds for supposing that the world is likely to turn into apple-pie, the sea into ink, or trees into bread and cheese; and, second, that there is also no reason to suppose that this strange poetic fancy is linked with the prosaic world of common experience in any way which would make the study of the one likely to throw light upon the workings of the other (Wootton 1938, 31-32).
Model Building versus Theorizing: The Paucity of Theory in the Journal of Economic Theory by Daniel B. Klein, Pedro P. Romero

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