jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

Lo que somos

“Human beings…, from infancy,… are predisposed to read the intention of others, and quick to cooperate if there is even a trace of shared interest. In one revealing experiment, children were shown how to open the door to a container. When adults tried to open the door but pretended not to know how, the children stopped what they were doing and crossed the room to help. Chimpanzees put in the same circumstance, but far less advanced in cooperative awareness, made no such effort”
“The primary and crucial difference between human cognition and that of other animal species… is the ability to collaborate for the purpose of achieving shared goals and intentions. The human specialty is intentionality, fashioned from an extremely working memory. We have become the experts at mind reading, and the world champions at inventing culture”
The early populations of homo sapiens, or their inmedate ancestors in Africa, approached the highest level of social intelligence when they acquired a combination of three particular attributes. They developed shared attention – in other words, the tendency to pay attention to the same object at ongoing events as others. They acquired a high level of the awareness they needed to act together in achieving a common goal… And they acquired a <<theory of mind>>, the recognition that their own mental states would be shared by others.
E. O. Wilson, The Social Conquest of Earth, 2012, pp 226-228

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